Judas the Traitor

Judas had given his life to following Jesus. But he never gave Jesus his heart.

James the Son of Alphaeus

He was a small, young, quiet person who stayed mostly in the background. But he was one of the Twelve. The Lord selected him for a reason, trained and empowered him like the others, and sent him out as a witness—carry the gospel to the world of their day.

Simon the Zealot

As one of the Twelve, Simon also had to associate with Matthew, who was at the opposite end of the political spectrum, collecting taxes for the Roman government. In the end, they became spiritual brethren, working side by side for the same cause—the spread of the gospel—and worshiping the same Lord.


Once Matthew walked away, he could never go back. Nor did he ever regret his decision.


But if that is what the Lord was determined to do, Thomas was determined to go and die with Him. Thomas did not want to live without Jesus. If Jesus was going to die, Thomas was prepared to die with Him.


Jesus wasn’t physically present to see Nathanael under the fig tree; Nathanael knew that. Suddenly he realized he was standing in the presence of Someone who could see into his very heart with an omniscient eye.


Philip, like the other disciples, was a man of limited ability. He was a man of weak faith. He was a man of imperfect understanding. But Jesus said, “He’s exactly what I’m looking for. My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Thankfully, the Lord uses people like Philip–lots of them.


Truth without love has no decency; it is just brutality. On the other hand, love without truth has no character; it is just hypocrisy.


James is the only apostle whose death is actually recorded in Scripture. Clearly, James was still a man of passion. His passion, now under the Holy Spirit’s control, had been so instrumental in the spread of the truth that it had aroused the wrath of Herod.


Something in him seemed to understand that no gift is insignificant in the hands of Jesus.  It is not the greatness of the gift that counts, but rather the greatness of the God to whom it is given.

Simon Peter

No one speaks as often as Peter, and no one is spoken to by the Lord as often as Peter.  No disciple is so frequently rebuked by the Lord as Peter; no disciple ever rebukes the Lord except Peter.

11. Righteous Praying

A strong commitment to prayer is a prerequisite to enduring suffering and affliction. 

10. Riches, Trials, and Oaths

James 5:1-12 As noted throughout this study, Jame’s goal is to present various tests of genuine faith. James tells the…

7. True Wisdom

Wisdom is not simply a matter of possessing factual knowledge but of properly and effectively applying truth to everyday life. 

4. Favoritism in the Church

Partiality refers to exalting someone strictly on a superficial, external basis such as appearance, race, wealth, rank or social status, without consideration of a person’s true merits, abilities, or character.

3. Belief That Behaves

It is one thing to make periodic repairs around the house; it is another to be a professional builder.

1. From Trouble to Triumph

The natural human response to trials is not to rejoice; therefore the believer must make a conscious commitment to face them with joy.

9. But Deliver Us From Evil

When we encounter evil, we need not feel apprehensive.  Our confidence lies, not in ourselves, not in our ability to counteract evil, but rather in the character and strength of our Father who delivers us.

4. Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done

When I say, “Thy kingdom come,” I am willing to relinquish the rule of my own life, to give up governing my own affairs, to abstain from making my own decisions in order to allow God, by His indwelling Spirit, to decide for me what I shall do.

3. Hallowed Be Thy Name

Father, Your reputation is at stake in me today. May I live in such a way as to do Your person great credit.  Because of my behaviour, may men see You in me, and so honour Your name because of it.

2. Which Art in Heaven

Once God’s sovereignty has been established in any human heart, the establishment of an environment that resembles heaven follows within that life.

1. Our Father

No other religion in all the world carries such a happy contended concept of communion between God and man.

15. Family Matters

David succeeded everywhere except at home.  And if you don’t succeed at home, do you succeed at all?

13. Pride Comes Before Fall

Did David see Bathsheba, the human being?  The wife of Uriah? The daughter of Israel? The creation of God? No.  David had lost his vision.  Don’t make his mistake.

12. Tough Promises

The king is kind, not because the boy is deserving, but because the promise is enduring. 

10. Nevertheless

Turn a deaf ear to old voices.  And, as you do, open your eyes to new choices.

8: Weariness: It is Alright to Rest

Support systems don’t always support.  Friends aren’t always friendly.  When no one can help, we have to do what David does.  He turns toward God.

4. Desperate Days

David stumbles in this story.  Desperate souls always do.  But at least he stumbles into the right place – into God’s sanctuary, where God meets and ministers to hopeless hearts. 

The Feast

There was no lamb on the table because the Lamb of God was at the table.  Jesus was the main course.

12. The Ransom

Now you do not need to help people, but you want to help them, to resemble the One who did so much for you, to bring him delight.

11. The Trap

If you want God to be your Saviour, you have to replace what you have already looking to as a saviour.

9. The Turn

I am a King, but a King going to a cross; and if you want to follow me, you have got to the cross too.

7. The Stain

Outside-in will never work, because most of what causes our problems works from the inside out.  

6. The Waiting

Are you trying to hurry Jesus?  Are you impatient with the waiting?  Let him take you by the hand, let him do what he wants to do.  He loves you completely.  He knows what he is doing.

5. The Power

If you know that he did not abandon you in that ultimate storm, what makes you think he would abandon you in the much smaller storms you’re experiencing right now?

4. The Rest

When Jesus says, “I am the Lord of the Sabbath,” Jesus means that he is the Sabbath.  He is the source of the deep rest we need. 

3. The Healing

Almost always, when we first go to Jesus saying, “This is my deepest wish,” his response is that we need to go a lot deeper than that.

2. The Call

Religion is advice on how you must live to earn your way to God.  The gospel is not advice.  It is a gift that you receive by sheer grace.

1. The Dance

What he has enjoyed from all eternity, he has come to offer to us.

Surely Goodness and Love Will Follow Me

Just as God’s goodness and mercy flow to us all the days of our life, so goodness and mercy should follow us, should be left behind us as a legacy to others wherever we may go.

You Prepare a Table Before Me

Predators can still attack, poisonous weeds can still grow, storms and gales can still come swirling up over the peaks. Yet in His care and concern for us, Christ still ensures that we shall have some gladness with our sadness, some delightful days as well as dark days, some sunshine as well as shadow.

Even Though I Walk Through the Valley

The basic question is not whether we have many or few valleys. It is not whether those valleys are dark or merely dim with shadows. The question is how do I react to them?

He Leads Me Beside Quiet Waters

Many of the places we may be led into will appear to us as dark, deep, dangerous, and somewhat disagreeable. But it simply must be remembered that He is there with us in it.

Advent: Coming and Arrival

As the year is drawing to an end, may we say “no” to the things that distract us from Jesus and say “yes” to the gifts — hope, peace, joy, and love — that God wants us to experience.


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.