Appreciation and Encouragement

Would you believe that the number one factor in job satisfaction is validation from others in a workplace through appreciation and encouragement?  

Each of us wants to know that what we do matters.  Appreciation communicates a sense of respect and value for a person and helps create healthy workplace relationships.  Individuals at any level within an organization have an opportunity to make a significant impact by showing appreciation and encouragement to those with whom they work.  

Gary Chapman and Paul White (2019) list four languages of appreciation in the workplace:  words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and tangible gifts. We may complete the Motivating by Appreciation Survey to find out our first and second languages of appreciation (  The Appreciation at Work model is based on the following principles (p.117).

  1. There are different ways to communicate appreciation and encouragement to others.
  2. An individual will value a certain language more than another.
  3. The most effective communication of appreciation and encouragement occurs when the message is sent in the language of appreciation most valued by the receiver.
  4. Messages of appreciation and encouragement in languages not valued by the recipient will tend to miss the mark.

Through authentic appreciation and encouragement – whether it is words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, or tangible gifts – we enjoy our work more and are motivated to preserve despite challenges.  All of us thrive in a culture of appreciation. When each of us feels truly valued, good results follow.



Chapman G. and White P. (2019). The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.   Chicago, IL: Northfield Publishing


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