An Outward Journey of a Servant Leader

A servant-leader is a life-long learner who desires to develop effectiveness in serving others.  He/She embraces a growth mindset and focuses on developing self and others. With effort, one develops skills; and with more effort, one turns those developed skills to results.  

A growth mindset encourages one to take risks, to step out of the comfort zone, to challenge the status quo, to ask meaning-finding questions, to explore new learning paths, and to discover hidden treasures.  It is more than reaching but developing one’s potential. It looks beyond goals but growth. A servant-leader feels responsible for creating a context for the led to foster a growth mindset. 

A servant-leader believes that everyone has talents that can be harnessed. A servant-leader appreciates diversity and builds collective success, and this requires perseverance.  It entails working strenuously toward challenges, maintaining effort and interest over the years despite failure and/or adversity.

An outward journey of a servant-leader supports others’ growth.  A servant-leader impacts life with life, modelling a growth mindset, demonstrating stamina, and facilitating pathways for success.  A servant-leader develops self and others, bringing wholeness to all.

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