3. Help Your Sheep Identify with You

You want to leverage each person’s performance in your outfit and the group’s performance as a whole.

Like sheep, people have a powerful flocking instinct.  They have a tremendous need to belong.  Great leaders instill a sense of meaning and belonging in their followers by putting the personal imprint of who they are and what they stand for on their people.

People ask themselves two questions.

  1. Does my leader know what s/he’s doing?
  2. Can I trust my leader?

Even if they answer the first question with a no, they’ll forgive you if they can answer the second question with a yes.

People long to follow a leader who is a person of integrity, authenticity, and compassion.  

Great leaders leave their mark by regularly communicating their values and sense of mission.  They tirelessly call their people to engage in the cause.  They know people are easily distracted by the many pulls of life, so they’re continually calling them back to the mission, back to their purpose for being.

Lastly, you can’t make your mark on the people you lead unless you get up close and personal.  Leadership isn’t just professional; it’s personal.

An excerpt from the Way of the Shepherd

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