2. Facing Your Giants: David and Goliath

Scripture reading:  1 Samuel 17

You know Goliath.  The question is, is he all you see?  You know his voice – but is it all you hear?  David saw and heard more.  David shows up discussing God (17:26).  The soldiers mentioned nothing about him, the brother never spoke his name, but David takes one step onto the stage and raises the subject of the living God. He does the same with King Saul (17:37).  He continues the theme with Goliath (17:45-47).  No one else discusses God.  David discusses no one else but God.  David sees what others don’t and refuses to see what others do.  David majors in God.  He sees the giant; he just sees God more so.

Giants.  We must face them.  Yet we need not face them alone.  Focus first, and most, on God.  The times David did, giants fell.  The days he didn’t David did.

Focus on giants – you stumble.

Focus on God – your giants tumble.

Reference:  Facing your giants:  God still does the impossible by Max Lucado

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