10. Nevertheless

Scripture: 2 Samuel 5: 6-10

Strongholds: old, difficult, discouraging challenges.  That’s what David faced when he looked at Jerusalem in 1000 BC. David’s present base of Hebron sits too far south to enlist the loyalties of the northern tribes.  But if he moves north, he’ll isolate the south.  He seeks a neutral, centralized city.  He wants Jerusalem.  

The city was old.  The walls were difficult.  The voices were discouraging.  “You’ll never get in here… Even the blind and lame could keep you out!” (5:6).  Nevertheless, David took the stronghold.  

We all need a nevertheless.  You and I fight with toothpicks; God comes with battering rams and cannons.  What he did for David he can do for us. The question is, will we do what David did?  David turns a deaf ear to old voices.  Those mockers strutting on the wall tops?  David ignores them.  He dismisses their words and goes about his work. 

Do what David did.  Turn a deaf ear to old voices.  And, as you do, open your eyes to new choices.  When everyone else saw walls, David saw tunnels.  Others focused on the obvious.  David searched for the unusual.  Since he did what no one expected, he achieved what no one imagined.  Get creative with your problem-solving.

Reference:  Facing your giants:  God still does the impossible by Max Lucado

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