6. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Jesus teaches us that the natural resources of the earth are supplied for us by God our Father.  They are more than adequate to meet our basic needs.  Just as He provides for the wild birds and the wildflowers, so He has provided enough for us. In the same way that birds must search for their food, and that flowers must extend their leaves to the sun for sunlight, and their roots into the soil for moisture and nutrients, so we must expend ourselves.  It is through His generosity that the supply is sustained.

Christ instructs us in simple language to stop worrying over the provision of bread.  He assures us that our Father knows it is essential to our survival.  Any man or woman prepared to put God’s wishes first in life is bound to have bread.  

Furthermore, we must daily draw upon the very life of God, as He did? Like manna, it was something that was collected each day.  It was best when gathered early.  One day’s supply could not be carried over for the next, except before the Sabbath.  It was food that came from God.  Our Lord made it very clear that to come to Him was to eat spiritual bread.  As with manna so with Him, we have to come regularly, daily, to derive nourishment afresh from God. To partake of His resurrection life is to feed on heavenly bread. In this way, the hungry heart can be satisfied and filled. It is a deep, desperate yearning to have the risen Christ made real in me each day.  “Oh Father, let the very life of Your resurrected Son, my Lord the risen Christ, become my life today!”

“You are what you eat.” If we feed our souls and spirits on God’s bread from heaven, it follows that is what we shall become.

An excerpt from A Layman Looks at the Lord’s Prayer by W. Phillip Keller

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