Letter of Joy–Philippians 2:12–30 (not perfect examples, but living examples)

Paul tells the Philippians to do everything without complaining or arguing. Paul’s goal for the Philippians is that they will become “blameless and pure” so that they can shine like stars in the darkness of the world. To shine—not just as individuals, but as a community of believers.

Our obedience affects us personally, and it also impacts the people around us—believers and nonbelievers alike. Paul then goes on to talk about two people who have modelled obedience. Paul praises Timothy and Epaphroditus for their faithfulness to God and their service to the people of God. They are faithful, committed, hardworking, selfless, sacrificial leaders. Paul knows that they need more than a letter but living examples. We might never claim to be perfect examples of following Jesus, but we are living ones. Therefore, what you and I say and think and do matters. It matters to God. It matters to our faith community. It matters to our wider community.

Let’s remember that people are observing our lives. Other Christians look up to us as examples of what it means to walk with Jesus. Non-Christians watch to see how we act because of our faith. Let’s choose to be obedient.

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