Judas the Traitor

Judas had given his life to following Jesus. But he never gave Jesus his heart.

James the Son of Alphaeus

He was a small, young, quiet person who stayed mostly in the background. But he was one of the Twelve. The Lord selected him for a reason, trained and empowered him like the others, and sent him out as a witness—carry the gospel to the world of their day.

Simon the Zealot

As one of the Twelve, Simon also had to associate with Matthew, who was at the opposite end of the political spectrum, collecting taxes for the Roman government. In the end, they became spiritual brethren, working side by side for the same cause—the spread of the gospel—and worshiping the same Lord.


Once Matthew walked away, he could never go back. Nor did he ever regret his decision.


But if that is what the Lord was determined to do, Thomas was determined to go and die with Him. Thomas did not want to live without Jesus. If Jesus was going to die, Thomas was prepared to die with Him.


Jesus wasn’t physically present to see Nathanael under the fig tree; Nathanael knew that. Suddenly he realized he was standing in the presence of Someone who could see into his very heart with an omniscient eye.


Philip, like the other disciples, was a man of limited ability. He was a man of weak faith. He was a man of imperfect understanding. But Jesus said, “He’s exactly what I’m looking for. My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Thankfully, the Lord uses people like Philip–lots of them.


Truth without love has no decency; it is just brutality. On the other hand, love without truth has no character; it is just hypocrisy.


James is the only apostle whose death is actually recorded in Scripture. Clearly, James was still a man of passion. His passion, now under the Holy Spirit’s control, had been so instrumental in the spread of the truth that it had aroused the wrath of Herod.


Something in him seemed to understand that no gift is insignificant in the hands of Jesus.  It is not the greatness of the gift that counts, but rather the greatness of the God to whom it is given.

Simon Peter

No one speaks as often as Peter, and no one is spoken to by the Lord as often as Peter.  No disciple is so frequently rebuked by the Lord as Peter; no disciple ever rebukes the Lord except Peter.