15. Family Matters

David succeeded everywhere except at home.  And if you don’t succeed at home, do you succeed at all?

13. Pride Comes Before Fall

Did David see Bathsheba, the human being?  The wife of Uriah? The daughter of Israel? The creation of God? No.  David had lost his vision.  Don’t make his mistake.

12. Tough Promises

The king is kind, not because the boy is deserving, but because the promise is enduring. 

10. Nevertheless

Turn a deaf ear to old voices.  And, as you do, open your eyes to new choices.

8: Weariness: It is Alright to Rest

Support systems don’t always support.  Friends aren’t always friendly.  When no one can help, we have to do what David does.  He turns toward God.

4. Desperate Days

David stumbles in this story.  Desperate souls always do.  But at least he stumbles into the right place – into God’s sanctuary, where God meets and ministers to hopeless hearts.