3. Belief That Behaves

James 1: 19-27

Ask God to increase, or renew, your hunger for His Word and give you strength to do what it says.

Doers:  It is one thing to have to fight for a few days or weeks in an armed conflict; it is something else to be a professional soldier, whose whole life is dedicated to warfare.  It is one thing to make periodic repairs around the house; it is another to be a professional builder.  Here James is speaking of Christian doers of the word, emphasizing what they are rather than just what they do.

Hearers:  Auditing requires attendance but does not require outside study or taking any tests.  In other words, the auditor is not held accountable for what he hears.  

Proclaiming and interpreting God’s Word are never ends in themselves but are means to an end, the genuine acceptance of divine truth for what it is and the faithful application of it.

Genuine believers receive Christ and continue in Him.  They hear His Word and do it.  They know His commandments, and they keep them.  They do not claim to know God yet deny Him with their deeds.

Excerpt from James: Guidelines for a Happy Christian Life by John MacArthur

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